Based in Melbourne and one of the farthest city apart Casablanca, Salaam Radio Show tries to showcase modern Arabic music from all over the world covering the west and the east. Salaam Radio Show aims to familiarise the listener with modern Arabic music and introduce them to events and projects by progressive Arabic artists.

Salaam Radio Show is a collaborative effort between artists based in Morocco and Melbourne. The show was initiated by Mi Mi, a Melbourne based DJ with a Lebanese background, and Chryzalid, a Casablancan born and bred music producer.

Salaam Radio show started broadcasting on 3CR community Radio in 2019 as part of the Summer Special Program. 3CR is a community radio station based in Melbourne, it ‘provides a media space enabling progressive communities to voice ideas and build their power to create social change’. Salaam Radio show aligns with 3CR’s vision as it seeks to give voice to progressive Arabic artists and communities, and make their work more accessible to a wider audience inside and outside the Arabic world.